As much as we’d like to caulk or spackle over a wrinkled or bulging tape joint, the proper repair is not so simple. The bond between the drywall and the paper tape has been broken, and there now exists an air space between the tape and drywall, so a new tape joint must be installed. The existing damaged drywall tape must be removed. The ragged edges on either side of the joint should be lightly sanded and dusted clean. A ‘bed’ of joint compound is laid down on the joint, and ‘feathered’ out about six inches on each side of the joint. A new strip of drywall tape is then installed. The new tape is smoothed out and lightly pressed into the joint compound with a spackle blade. Excess joint compound should be removed. The joint compound is then allowed to dry.

After sufficient drying time, a second and perhaps third coat of joint compound is applied over the paper tape, and ‘feathered’ out ten to fourteen inches to achieve a smooth, paintable surface. Light, touch up sanding may be required prior to painting.